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BCF Leadership has multiple years of experience providing high quality solutions to government and private sector clients.

BCF prides itself on delivering expertise and products in the relam of IT Security and Project Management.

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RC Hicks - Chief Information Officer

Mr. RC Hicks is an IT Security Professional with over Fifteen years of professional experience. Eight of those years has been spent managing and implementing enterprise level projects including Information Security Strategy Design, Security Process Framework, Policies Development, Information Security Awareness Programs, Implementation and Design of IT and Security Systems testing and monitoring. RC is a risk management and IV&V specialist with practical experience in identification, authorization, data recovery and system test and evaluation.

Mr. Hicks has advanced degrees and certificates from Morgan State University, Bowie State University and the University of Maryland. In addition, he holds a Master’s in Cyber Security from Capitol College and certifications in cyber tools such as Access Data, Qualys Guard and EnCase.

He believes on a direct approach and has excelled with managing cybersecurity projects, resource management and staff allocations in support of budgets, dependencies and deliverables. He has planned technical activities that include system integration activities, testing systems, certification and accreditation, continuous monitoring, Fed Ramp implementation and participation within lifecycle activities for multiple agencies including the SEC, TSA, HLS and several local and county agencies.

Mr. Hicks’ professional strengths include Information Security Project Management, Information Security Program Management, Cybersecurity Strategic Planning, Security Process Improvements, InfoSec Configuration and

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